8A vs. 8B Bobbing For Apples

On Halloween day, Mr.Westra’s and Mrs.Durnin’s Grade 8 classes had a bobbing for apples competition in the F.E Madill gym to collect data for a math project. The project was to compare the amount of apples each class got and the time it took to them to get so we could see who would win.

By looking at the charts for Part B and question 8, I can say  that we generally not only got our first apples before them, but also we got more apples. For example, in the second duel it took us 2 seconds to get our first apple and we got 8 apples whereas it took them 6 seconds to get their first and they only got 2.

I infer that we did so well in this competition because we focused on getting as many apples as possible as soon as possible, but we still weren’t flopping around in the water like some people.

The winner is class 8B, although that isn’t much of a surprise.