Ryan’s Idea Hive Comparison

The Idea Hive is two classrooms, 2700 km apart, working together using various online sources in an effort to help teach people the importance and usefulness of communicating online. So far, we’ve all taken an online “Interest Survey”, and are comparing the results to see similarities in students. This goes to show that even total strangers, 2700km apart have many similarities. What kind of things do you think we would have in common, even with people in a different province?

For instance, I have a pet dog, who is a pug-beagle mix named Ranger. He’s usually a very quiet dog, and doesn’t often bark. He gets very excited when you take him for walks, and he loves pork chops. Quite a few people from Snow Lake also have dogs. A few include Alexandra, Madisyn, Zach, and Taelor.

If I had one wish, it would be for world peace (the answer was meant to be sarcastic, but still). This would be my wish because wars between countries are terrible. Hundreds if not thousands of people die for their counties, and it not only affects those on the battlefield. Ben also says he wishes for world peace, and Kelly wishes that 9/11 hadn’t happened which is similar to world peace.

I am unique in that my dream vacation would be to go to New Zealand. I’d like to go there mainly because I’d like to see the landscape and culture. You can always just go to the internet to look at pictures, but I don’t think that could compare to seeing the country first-hand.

I think that it’s interesting to see what you’ve got in common with others, even though they’re thousands of kilometers away. It shows that even strangers 2700km apart can still be so similar. Even finding out who watches the same T.V show as you, or who has the same favourite food can be interesting when thinking about the distance between us. To conclude, I think it’s really great that we get the chance to do this in our classes. Do you think the Idea Hive is a good idea? Why?